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K-pro Supply Company was first introduced to the sport of paintball back in the summer of 2002 when we were contracted by a netting manufacturer to fabricate and supply netting to be used for the IAO Tournament held in Butler, Pennsylvania. We set out to fulfill the need we saw for a manufacturer and supplier of a high quality “Made in the USA” paintball net product.


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K-Pro: The Choice of Professionals

Take a look at our Client List page. Since 2003, we have supplied all the netting used by PSP (Paintball Sports Promotions) and the NPPL (National Professional Paintball League) for use in their National Tournament Series. Click on any of the photos to view the quality netting used at these tournaments, and to view pictures of our netting under tournament conditions What should I look for in a paintball netting supplier

K-Pro – Exceeding Industry Standards

K-Pro makers of custom netting for professionals: (941) 758-1226 Toll Free (800) 500-5776 Our paintball netting has been tested for 10 shots @315 fps (feet per second) in a 4″ pattern from 10′ back. This exceeds the current ASTM standard for paintball netting. So buy K-Pro and stay safe. Who are you going to trust for the most important piece of field equipment you will ever buy? Please visit our F.A.Q. page to get a good understanding of the K-Pro difference when it comes to player, spectator and property protection. more…

A Wide Selection of Paintball Netting Options

We believe that you should be able to choose the type of net that’s right for you: black, white, ultraviolet, hybrid, heavy, light, flame retardant…we’ve got it all.

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We have supplied netting to some of the biggest names in Paintball. This is due to our exceptional quality and service, and our very competitive pricing.   Click on any of the photos below to see some of our netting in action!

Huntington Ca. L. A. Open, Ca.
Huntington Beach Paintball Netting La Fair Plex in Los Angeles California
New Orleans, La. Orlando, Fl.
New Orleans Paintball Netting Orlando Florida Paintball netting

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Come inside and visit our store for your on-line shopping pleasure. Check out our prices and quality! And, if for some reason you need help, then just give us a call at (800) 500-5776.


Questions to Ask Your “Paintball Netting” Supplier

We, at K-Pro, realize that there are other companies out there selling “Paintball Netting“. Many of these companies appear to be Paintball Supply “department stores”. Who are you going to trust for the most important piece of field equipment you will ever buy? The Balls Stop Here!