We, at K-Pro, would like for you to know some very important Questions and Answers about Us when it comes to Paintball Netting and your Peace of Mind.

We think it is very important for you to know who your working with and what precautions have been taken to insure your safety as well as the safety of the spectators and the property itself.

  1. How long have you been in business?

    K-Pro Supply Co., Inc. was started in New Haven, Conn. on 4-1-1986. The company re-located to Sarasota, Fl. on 7-1-1993 and continues to manufacture some of the highest quality protective covers available today using materials produced in the U.S.A. All of our Paintball Netting is manufactured and fabricated in the United States.

  2. Is this business your primary source of income or a hobby that supplements your “real job”?

    K-Pro Supply Co., Inc. maintains a 10,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility located at 2135 Whitfield Park, Ave., Sarasota, Fl. All fabrication is done on premises. The building is owned by Chris Kerrigan, President of K-Pro Supply., Inc. and has been in continuous operation since 7-1-1993.

  3. Is your Paintball Netting sold as Shade Cloth in the Agriculture – Horticulture market?

    No, our Paintball Netting was originally designed for the sport of Paintball as a safety barrier to protect spectators and other non-participatants.

  4. Is your Paintball Netting insurance approved?

    To our knowledge there is no such thing as “Insurance Approved” Paintball Netting. Other companies may lay claim that their netting is “Insurance Approved” however when you read into these claims the netting has been submitted for approval. Big Difference. Like the automobile ads that play from time to time – “All credit applications will be accepted”. NOT. “All credit applications will be approved”.

  5. Is your Paintball Netting labeled indicating point of fabrication and or manufacture?

    Yes, it is, our company name, address, and phone number as well as product description is on every piece of Paintball Netting that we produce. Don’t be fooled by imitators. Look for our company slogan “The Balls Stop Here” on your Paintball Netting! Buy K-ProBuy with confidence!

  6. Do you sell, broker, or in any way represent products from any Insurance Company that provides Painball Field related insurance?

    No, we do not. We fabricate and sell Paintball Netting that will probably make your insurance company have Peace Of Mind. Indoor and Outdoor. We do what we better than any one else.

  7. Have any of yor customers been refused insurance due to poorly constructed, designed or fabricated “Paintball Netting” either UV Outdoor or FR Indoor?

    Never, to our knowledge. We have sold, and continue to sell to the NPPL and PSP who put on the largest Paintball Tournaments in the world at locations such as “Disney World of Sports” in Orlando, Fl., the home of PSP “World Cup”, Huntington Beach, Ca., home of the NPPL “Super 7 World Series”., Naval Air Station – Fallon, Nv., Tinker Air Force Base, Ok., Scott Air Force Base, Il., Ft. McCoy, Wi., Team Effort Events – International Amateur Open, Freedom, Butler, Pa., Xpsl Tournament Series, Portland, Or., Hollywood Sports Park, Bellfower, Ca., Village of Los Lunas, Los Lunas, N.M., Henry County Parks & Rec., Windy Hill Park, McDonough, Ga.
    We could keep going but the above should be enough to allay your “insurance fears”. Still got a problem?
    Call us and we will try to help. Toll free (800) 500-5776.

  8. What sizes do you offer?

    We offer the size you require – at no extra cost.
    Heavy Netting comes in heights of 8′, 12′, 16′, 20′ 24′ 28′, etc.
    Light Netting comes in heights of 4′, 8′, 12′, 16′, 20′ 24′ 28′, etc.
    Hybrid Netting comes in heights of 12′, 16′, 20′ 24′ 28′, etc.
    Any combination of the above netting can be sewn together to achieve the height you need. Typical Outdoor field heights are 12′, 16′, 20′, or 24′.
    Hybrid Netting is recommended for windy applications.

  9. What is Hybrid Netting?

    Hybrid Netting is a combination of Heavy and Light Netting sewn together to help relieve stress on netting poles and attaching hardware in windy applications. Hybrid heights are offered as 12′, 16′, 20′ 24′ 28′, etc.

  10. What Paintball Netting Lengths do you offer?

    Every Paintball Netting order is Custom Made to your length requirements – No Extra Cost to you. “300” is for suckers” – we’ve been saying this for years. the only one who wins is the “supplier” – selling you what they want – not- what you need!

  11. What is the typical turn around time for a Custom Order?

    Depending on the complexity, heights, lengths, doorways, number of pieces, etc., 5-7 working days is normal. Freight to West Coast – 4-5 days, Midwest – 3-4 days, North East – 2-3 days, South East – 1-2 days, South West – 3-4 days.

  12. Do you fabricate “Doorways” in your Paintball Netting?

    Yes we do. for a nominal charge we will fabricate a 3′ wide by 7′ high reinforced opening and supply a 5′ wide by 8′ high flap to cover the door. Openings are located depending on your pole spacing. We recommend at least 2 openings per field to facilitate opposing teams entering and exiting in an orderly manner. Cutting your own openings into a new net makes as much sense as doing your own root canal. If your Netting Supplier does not offer “doorways” and you have to cut your net – you may need a new supplier. Custom size “doorways” are available, with appropriate flaps for equipment, lawnmower or other acess.

  13. Do you offer Fire Retardant Paintball Netting?

    Yes, we do. Our Fire Retardant Paintball Netting is for indoor use where the feature is mandated. To help with light reflection and visibility we offer this netting in White Heavy 12′ for wall and spectator protection and White Light 8′ for ceiling and light protection. When using White Light Netting for ceiling, light fixture and or fire sprinkler prtection we strongly recommend the use of explosion proof or acrylic covered light fixtures. We can fabricate any width or length utilizing any combination of Heavy and or Light Paintball Netting. FR certificate supplied with order.

  14. Do you sell so called “Button Hole Netting”?

    No, we do not! “Button Hole Netting” is netting that has holes cut into the edge for fastening purposes. Now think about it – Cut – Holes- Netting. End of lesson!

  15. Is your “Paintball Netting” ASTM approved?

    The ASTM, to our knowledge, does not “approve” products such as “Paintball Netting”. However, our “Heavy Paintball Netting” UV rated, outdoor black and FR rated, indoor white, both conform to and exceed the current ASTM standard for “Paintball Barrier Netting”. We test at 10 shots, 315 fps, 4″ pattern, 10′ back.

  16. How is your “Paintball Netting” shipped?

    Depending on the size of the piece(s) we will ship either UPS, or for larger orders, Freight Common Carrier. Due to the volume of freight we ship, on a daily basis, we recieve up to 70% discount which we pass on to you, our customer!

  17. Who buys your “Paintball Netting”?

    Well, we can’t say “everyone”, that claim has already been made! (Do you really think they know everyone)? We have a long list of satisfied and repeat customers. We have even made “Paintball Netting” for a couple of our competitors! For a list of a “few” past and present users.

  18. Do you sell “Raw Netting” unfabricated?

    With all the options and features available with K-Pro Supply Co., Inc Professional Paintball Netting why would you want to “do it yourself”? Leave it to the professionals in Paintball Netting Fabrication to supply you with what you need not just what they have to sell!

  19. Is there a Minimum Order Amount?

    Yes, there is. Becauuse we sell so many Backyard Target Backdrops the minimum order amount is $45.00. Sorry, we do not offer “Multiple Roll Discounts” because our material and fabrication costs do not go down with volume. Buy cheaper – Buy Twice. Buy K-Pro – Buy once. The benefit of quality netting insures spectator safety.

  20. How do you handle Returns?

    We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. Seriously! Our set policy – it goes out right the first time or we fix it free, shipping included. We have no one to blame, we are the fabicators! The other guys
    a. Want the product back in “original condition”.
    b. Charge you a profit in the form of a “restocking fee”.
    c. Give you mere “hours” to report return.
    d. And, you pay shipping.
    Honestly now – wouldn’t it be easier to get it right the first time.

  21. What is the “lifespan” of your “Paintball Netting”?

    Our “Paintball Netting” Outdoor UV Black, Heavy, Light or Hybrid has UV life expectancy of 12-15 years. However, in the “Sport” of Paintball with all the variables involved, height, wind, snow, abuse, wear and tear and all the other factors expected “Working Life Expectancy” of our “Paintball Netting” is 5-8 years. Entry and Exit locations suffer the highest wear factors as well as “Breakout Boxes”. These, and other installation variables are reasons why we recommend, and manufacture to order, individual “Paintball Netting” sections for each field with a 3′ – 5′ overlap in each corner ” If, during heavy play or inclement weather abuse, a section needs replacing, you replace that “section” with a new piece that fits. We maintain records of all customer orders so a “retrofit” is a snap. “300′ is for suckers”™. Buy what you need not just what they have to sell!

  22. Do you offer advise on Paintball issues other than “Paintball Netting”? I.E.: Layout, design, bunkers, etc.

    No, as a rule we do not. We are the best at what we do and our commitment to the “Sport” of Paintball revolves around providing the safest, most durable, and effective protective barrier for spectators and surrounding property.

    K-Pro Supply Co., Inc. Paintball Netting = Peace of Mind